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Edmonton Journal Interview

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-19 13:26:15 EDT

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Hello guys!
As you know, Lennon and Maisy got to perform at the CCMA Awards show. While they were there they did a little interview with the Edmonton Journal. You can read the full article here and the interview below. Thank you so much to our friend John for sending us the link.

Q: Where are you now?
Lennon: We just got in. We’re in Utah right now, and we have a show tonight.
Q: Do you have a preference between performing as a duo or performing with a band?
Lennon: It depends; we’re usually by ourselves, but if there’s a band then we’ll play with them. It’s fun to do it both ways, but I do really like playing with the Grand Ole Opry band.
Maisy: Yeah, it really depends on the show. If it’s one with nice, slow songs, then I think it’s more fun to do acoustically.
Q: Has acting become second nature at this point?
Lennon: Yeah, in the best way possible. I mean, this is our first time doing it, and now we’re totally comfortable with it.
Maisy: When I go on set now there’s no hesitation to do anything I would normally do. Before I was on the show I was like ‘Oh my God, what if I mess up a line? It would be so embarrassing!’ But if you mess up a line, you just go back.
Lennon: They just yell it out to you. It’s super cool, everyone is super sweet and welcoming. We’re learning so much from the people we work with, and the experience has been awesome.
Q: Has it led to any other film or television work?
Lennon: We can’t do any other TV shows when filming, but it’s definitely opened up doors for auditioning. Once the show stops, there’s other stuff that we would be interested in.
Q: What about school?
Maisy: I guess pretty normal. We still go to public school, and we have a tutor on the set.
Lennon: It’s as normal as we can make it.
Maisy: I do definitely miss a lot from not being in school. When you’re there, you can sit beside friends and go to lunch with them. On set it’s kind of one-on-one. It’s different, but not in a bad way.
Q: Have you met any of your musical idols on the show?
Maisy: Oh my God, my favourite band will always be Neon Trees. I’ve loved them since I was six; I’ve loved them forever. I got to meet them, which was crazy, so insane, I don’t even know. I was freaking out — they were so sweet.
Lennon: I guess that we’ve played the Opry 11 times, which is crazy. We wouldn’t have had that opportunity if we weren’t on the show. My fave was probably with Zac Brown. We were at his festival, and Jason Mraz was playing. We cover one of his songs, so we got up and sang with Jason and Zac. Such an amazing moment.
Q: Do you ever feel like you’ll have to make a choice between singing and acting?
Maisy: No. The great thing is the show incorporates music with acting, so it’s not like we have to take a break from music and go do acting for a bit, or the other way around.
Lennon: I think we have a future in both. Fingers crossed!

P.S.: We've been having some trouble with the gallery, so all the missing photos will be added soon smile.gif

Jason Mraz - "I Won't Give Up" with Lennon & Maisy BTS

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-16 20:21:16 EDT

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Hey everyone!
As you all know Lennon and Maisy got to join Jason Mraz on his world tour's Nashville stop. Well here's a little behind the scenes video of the show. You can see the girls answering some questions and chatting with Jason backstage. It's adorable!

Lennon & Maisy sing with Jason Mraz

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-13 17:59:36 EDT

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Hey guys!
Lennon and Maisy were invited by Jason Mraz to sing along with him at his Nashville tour stop at Ryman Auditorium on September 10th! The sang a beautiful version of "I Won't Give Up". Thanks to our friend John for sending us these two videos he found on Youtube. 

Open House

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-10 15:33:47 EDT

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Hi guys!
The Music Scene and The Dance Scene invite you to their Open House. It will take place on Saturday September 13th from 12 to 4 pm, and it will feature a live performance and a meet & greet with Lennon and Maisy!!

CCMA Awards 2014

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-03 16:27:43 EDT

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Hey guys!
We have some great news to share with you today! Lennon & Maisy will be attending the CCMA Awards on Sunday 7th. The show will be live from Rexall Place! If you'd like to attend, you can buy tickets here. Hurry up, there's not many left! We'll be adding photos as soon as the appear online, in the meantime, we leave you with a photo of Maisy trying on some outfits for the big night!

Opry Interview

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-02 13:37:42 EDT

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Hi guys!
Here's a little interview Lennon & Maisy did the last time they played at the Grand Ole Opry about how it felt to be there. Thanks to our wonderful friend Anthony for letting us know about it!

Waiting for Nashville

Posted by Staff on 2014-09-01 13:02:23 EDT

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While we wait for the season premiere of Nashville, which will take place on September 24th, we'll share with you a performance from the past season! Let's calm our nerves, season 3 is less than a month away!!

St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Nights Concert

Posted by Staff on 2014-08-24 10:54:08 EDT

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Hello everyone!
Last night, Lennon and Maisy performed at the St. Regis Big Stars, Bright Nights Concert  that took place at Deer Valley Resort’s Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater in Utah! The girls were joined by Nashville co-stars Charles Esten and Clare Bowen. 
As of now, we don't have any photos from the concert, but we'll upload them as soon as those come up. While we wait, you can follow Lennon & Maisy's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to see the photos they took themselves blink1.gif

In The Waves Info

Posted by Staff on 2014-08-18 12:05:48 EDT

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Hello guys!
As you know, Lennon and Maisy are writing a book! It'll be called In The Waves and it'll be aimed to children between the ages of 4 and 8. The book, which will be released in ebook format, will have 40 pages and the drawings will be made by Steve Bjorkman. Thanks to our twitter friend @lennonandmaisy_ for letting us know about this info!

Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted by Staff on 2014-08-16 19:44:09 EDT

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Lennon and Maisy were nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge by Ingrid Michaelson! The girls nominated Maddie Ziegler, Charles Esten and Harry Styles! 
For those of you who are not familiar with the challenge,it involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, posting that to social media, then nominating others to do the same. This is made all in an effort to raise ALS awareness. Those who refuse to take the challenge are asked to make a donation to the ALS charity of their choice.
You can watch the girl's video below, join Lennon and Maisy and help raise ALS awareness by taking the challege. You can share your videos with us on Twitter!

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